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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Systems for Resellers

Posted on: September 28, 2017

V1 VoIP offers resellers the ability to offer business customers Hosted PBX services and solutions and even the ability to private label resell Hosted PBX. What is Hosted PBX? A Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a service provided by the telephone company’s exchange. Take the traditional PBX system employs a telephone operator attended manual switchboard console, and update it to the new millennium with advanced VoIP Hosted PBX system. The V1 VoIP system provides all the facilities of a Hosted PBX system along with the perks of VoIP.

There are two reasons a Hosted PBX system becomes an easy sell for V1 VoIP resellers with business customers. First, with a Hosted PBX system, a customer does not need to invest in buying or installation of PBX equipment as the services are rendered over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or the internet. The second reason is the wealth of features and capabilities that our Hosted PBX systems offer which businesses view as necessities, including:

Call forwarding and blocking: Where a call can be forwarded to another location within the same organization or the user can choose not to receive calls from a particular number by blocking it beforehand.

Conference Call: The user can converse with two or more people at different geographical locations at the same time.

Automatic call distributor: The Hosted PBX system can distribute a received call to a group of extensions where the call can be received.

Call Waiting: If another party tries to call the user while he is busy, the second calling party’s details are flashed on the display screen and the call is put to waiting.

Speed dialing: Important numbers can be stored in the memory and attached to numerals.

Do not disturb: This feature blocks all the incoming calls when the user doesn’t want to receive any calls.

Follow-me: The caller is routed to a list of numbers if it does not get an answer from the number dialed.

Voice Mail: In case there is no answer to a call, the calling party can drop a voice mail.

If your business customers are interested in these features and more, contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about our Hosted PBX systems for resellers.

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