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V1 VoIP International Calling Card Solutions

Posted on: September 28, 2017

One of the easiest ways to enter the marketplace as a VoIP reseller is by offering V1 VoIP International calling card servicesand solutions. At V1 VoIP, we offer some of the most advanced calling card features to make services a breeze.

At V1 VoIP we provide network infrastructure and online calling card management system, on which a wide range of calling card services operate. Resellers have access to a wide range of solutions that make them a one-stop shop for calling card services. Whatever customers want you’ll be able to provide, with the power of V1 VoIP supporting you all the way.

V1 VoIP effusive managed, private-label prepaid calling card is an end-to-end, turnkey solution that includes access via toll-free or local number services, a full spectrum of calling card features and high-quality traffic termination worldwide. Let us act as your single provider for all operational aspects of your calling card services, or choose a customized solution that includes only the features you need.

V1 VoIP’s Pinless Calling Cards are an excellent alternative for making low-cost international phone calls, avoiding the high costs that traditional telecom carriers apply. V1 VoIP’s pinless calling cards can be distributed by resellers through a wide net of call shops, Internet cafes and hundreds of websites online.

V1 VoIP is one of the leading players in the telecom market in the VoIP calling card arena, thus enabling its resellers to sell Calling Cards in their home countries. V1 VoIP offers several scenarios for providing Calling Card services including:

* The V1 Calling Card
* Low Set-up Cost
* Free Billing
* IVR (Voice Promt)
* Low A-Z Rates

Contact a V1 VoIP representative now for answers to your questions, comments or to get started today selling International pinless calling card VoIP services.

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