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V1 VoIP Never Hear a Busy Signal Again

Posted on: September 28, 2018

Did you know that a busy signal is actually a call to action for a caller to hang up? Yep, and not only will they hang up but more than a quarter will not call back. If you are a business, can you afford to EVER have a customer, client, or sales agent ever hear a busy signal when they call you?

When it comes to businesses of all kinds, a busy signal is the worst experience you want your customers to have. But when your business talks to a V1 VoIP reseller, they will never have to hear a busy signal again. It’s a smart strategy to have in place so that during critical times, you don’t fail your customers.

A traditional plain old telephone system (POTS) line is a channel that could only host one call between two phones, with a busy signal happening if the line was already in use. It didn’t matter if the person calling in, out, or even dialing, it would be considered busy or ‘in use’.

V1 VoIP is powered by broadband internet and has no restrictions placed on the number of simultaneous calls that can be placed. When V1 VoIP services are applied to business phones, the capacity for simultaneous calls are much higher than with landline phones. A “line” on a VoIP phone line can handle multiple calls simultaneously.

These additional call slots are helpful, because they keep your callers from getting shafted due to line limits. They also eliminate the need for busy signals, since your VoIP phone will have the capacity to answer simultaneous calls without experiencing “overloaded” lines. Even better! Employees can have phone numbers forward to their mobile phones, so even during the busiest times, calls can be rerouted.

It’s hard to grow customer base and even more difficult to keep it. The last thing you need is for something so small and preventable as a busy signal to cost you business. With V1 VoIP services you can guarantee to never have customers hear a busy signal again.

On a typical day, your business might not experience the kind of call volume that will lead to busy signals. But there’s always the chance that your phone lines can get clogged, and you will definitely want communication services that can route and handle calls with efficiency and intelligence. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to learn how to get rid of busy signals at your company forever!

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