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V1 VoIP Offers DID Numbers Around the World for Resellers

Posted on: August 21, 2021

V1 VoIP offers DID phone numbers around the world for resellers

V1 VoIP offers the largest database of DID numbers in North America and over 70 other countries around the world. This service is now available to customers, next generation carriers, ITSP’s, calling card companies and other businesses around the world. With DID numbers at your fingertips, you will never again be tied down to a specific local area code, city code or even country code. No matter where you are, you can get a local area code for a city which you would like friends, family, business partners or customers to call to cheaply.

Why are VoIP resellers going to be interested in DIDs? Allow V1 VoIP to explain several ways DIDs can be used:

1. You live in Dallas and your family lives in London. You can get a virtual phone number from London and your friends and family can call you on your London virtual number and you receive the calls via VoIP to your Dallas V1 VoIP phone number. You charges a fixed monthly fee for this service so you can receive as many calls as you want for a fixed price. And all your friends, family, and business contacts can call you for the price of a local call!

2.You want to start a calling card service. With V1 VoIP you can immediately get access numbers from about many countries and start selling your calling card in all of them. All your customers can dial a local access DID number for the price of a local call and you receive all the calls via IP to your soft-switch or IP IVR. From there you can terminate the calls to your desired destinations, be it worldwide or even destination targeted.

3. As a company you provide call conferencing applications and you wish to have access numbers from all the major countries such that people can access the conferencing rooms. Just order the needed numbers from V1 VoIP and you can start promoting your conferencing solutions today!

4. Is one of your customers a call center? Call centers are based in all over the world and therefore you need a phone number from various countries. You can get all the numbers you need online via V1 VoIP and we will route the call directly to your call center.

5. You customer has a business based in Los Angeles, but they want to have virtual offices on the East coast in Miami and New York. No need to get expensive contracts for your virtual office. Simply order a phone number from these cities via the V1 VoIP back-end web portal and you can add these numbers to your business card right away.

6. You customers work from home. They would like their business phone numbers to be as mobile as they are. You can now offer them this possibility when you become a V1 VoIP reseller and instantly reroute the calls to your new location.

Don’t wait any longer to offer your customers instant phone number flexibility. Contact V1 VoIP now to become a reseller and have access to one of the largest DID phone number databases in existence.

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