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V1 VoIP Offers Latest PortaOne Maintenance Release Features

Posted on: September 19, 2017

V1 delivers the newest features with PortaOne latest maintenance release

V1 VoIP uses PortaOne’s powerful state of the art technology as it’s backbone. We are up to date with their most current maintenance release. If you are looking at other providers not operating under PortaOne’s latest release, you will run into problems that newer releases fix.

Some of the important improvements in the functionality of the latest release include:
* Add-on Products
* SMS message processing
* OEL 6.5
* Conferencing web GUI
* New API Methods

Administrators can now use add-on products as “building blocks” for product offerings and easily construct virtually any service configuration.

Each add-on product enables access to certain service features (e.g. “Call Waiting”) and has recurring costs (subscriptions) associated with it. An account is assigned one main product and an unlimited number of add-on products. Each such product automatically changes the service configuration and produces recurring charges. So now, an “a la carte” selection of additional services requires a minimum amount of work for the administrator and provides 100% revenue assurance.
SMS message processing

PortaSIP® now enables the sending and receiving of SMS messages directly to users of mobile networks. SMPP protocol allows interconnection with the mobile carrier’s SMSC or with SMS aggregators. This adds a competitive advantage to a provided communication service (which normally only includes VoIP calls and instant messages for other users in the network), and serves as an extra revenue source (since customer is charged for each message).
OEL 6.5

Oracle Enterprise Linux is used as the operating system in PortaSwitch® maintenance release 39. This expands the list of supported hardware for new customers and provides improved performance and security for existing PortaSwitch® installations. The migration to the new OS is done via PortaOne’s “seamless upgrade” method (using two disk partitions to hold both current and new software releases), so the switchover is absolutely transparent for all existing installations and does not require any additional maintenance work.
Conferencing web GUI

GUI for self-managing of audio- and video-conferencing services (creation of a new meeting room, re-scheduling, changing access codes, etc.) has been fully integrated into the latest version of the self-care portal.
New API Methods

New API methods have been added, and now an external application can manage data related to:

Destination group sets and destination groups
Exchange rates
Routing plans and routing simulation (test dialplan)
Automatic payments
PDF Invoice files

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