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V1 VoIP Offers Two Pricing Models for Domestic Termination

Posted on: September 28, 2017


The first thing you will need to start a VoIP company in the United States or Canada is domestic VoIP termination services. At V1 VoIP, we offer the highest quality domestic A-Z wholesale VoIP termination available and provide multiple routes to virtually every destination on the planet, resulting in a highly available service with exceptional call quality and support for a variety of codecs all at competitive rates.

V1 VoIP offers two pricing models for US domestic termination service.

Flat Rate Service
V1 VoIP provides single rate pricing, also known as flat rate or fixed rate pricing. V1 VoIP’s single rate pricing structure is an alternative to its NPA/NXX based pricing model. Our flat rate service is provided to those organizations that either do not have or want to use an advanced routing engine of their own but need high quality voice connections along with a high likelihood of call completion. We use multiple tier one carriers to ensure the highest possible voice quality available. In addition, we maintain relationships with multiple carriers to ensure successful call completion. If one carrier cannot or will not connect the call for some reason, our routing engine will automatically route the call to another carrier. We maintain an efficient mix of carriers in order to accommodate strong redundancy with rapid connect times.

NPA/NXX Service
V1 VoIP also provides an NPA/NXX based routing model for organizations that have advanced routing engines capable of handling this type of call routing. This routing model requires multiple additional resources in order to ensure call completion.

To find out more about our single tier domestic pricing, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today.

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