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V1 VoIP Pinless Calling Cards for Resellers

Posted on: July 5, 2017

One of the simplest ways to make money as a VoIP reseller and enter the fast growing world of VoIP telecommunications is with pinless calling cards offered by V1 VoIP.

Prepaid pinless calling cards are an excellent alternative for making low-cost international phone calls, avoiding the high costs that traditional telecom carriers apply. The pinless calling cards offered by V1 VoIP can be distributed by resellers through a wide net of call shops, Internet cafes and hundreds of websites online. Do you know that there are many unique advantages associated with prepaid calling cards? A few of these benefits include cost-savings, budget control, mobility and more. Placing a call with a V1 VoIP pinless calling card is easy and the call can be made from a mobile phone or even a payphone.

V1 VoIP is one of the leading players in the telecom market calling card arena, thus enabling its resellers to sell calling cards in their home countries. For our resellers, V1 VoIP offers several scenarios for providing calling card services including:

* The V1 VoIP Calling Card
* Low Set-up Cost
* Free Billing
* IVR (Voice Promt)
* Low A-Z Rates

Contact a V1 VoIP team member now for answers to your questions, comments or to get started today selling V1 VoIP pinless calling card VoIP services.

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