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V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer Solutions for Call Centers

Posted on: September 28, 2017

V1 VoIP offers predictive dialer solutions for call centers

If you are a running a call center, then you need to contact V1 VoIP about our VoIP predictive dialer. With our VoIP predictive dialer, you can enhance your productivity based on patented, innovative technology. The V1 VoIP predictive dialer can automate your outbound contacting campaigns and bring unrivaled capabilities to thousands of business of all sizes worldwide.

If you are looking to optimize your outbound call center, then the V1 predictive dialer is a must have. Call centers are all about sales. When you use the V1 voIP predicitive dialer, it will triple the amount of time agents are productively connecting with live prospects and having real conversations that yield greater revenue.

The V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer boosts efficiency by automating the dialing of multiple numbers per contact, tripling the amount of time your agents are productively connecting with real prospects. The V1 VoIP predictive dialer offers a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use. Our predictive dialer solution is more in the forefront of accelerating contact center performance than any other on the market.

With the built-in dropped calls setting, administrators can track and adjust each campaign’s abandoned call percentage to make fewer dropped calls. Multiple automated dialing solutions like predictive, power, preview, and progressive dialing, allow your organization to choose the automation technology that aligns best with your sales environment and goals. And, with the automated agent scripting capabilities, your agents will always be on-script with a consistent conversation geared towards lead qualification and a winning sales pitch.

The V1 VoIP predictive dialer solution brings world-class campaign management, predictive dialing, and unique active blending capabilities to your sales or marketing organization. Complete previous sales success and achieve greater efficiency with the feature-rich VoIP predictive dialing technology.

By enabling the V1 VoIP predictive dailer, your call center can take advantage of the following benefits:

• Shortened average call times
• Increased agent/rep productivity
• Fast campaign and script creation
• Better Campaign Results
• Reduced ramp-up times for new agents
• Fast campaign and script creation
• Instant access to caller records in your CRM
• Choose the number you display
• Call Recording
• Post Call Surveys
• Activity Tracking and Reporting
• Quick integration to CRM systems
• DNC regulatory compliance

Don’t wait any longer to make your call center more efficient. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP predictive dialer team today and take a free demo of what our dialer can do for your traffic and sales.

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