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V1 VoIP Provides Lowest e911 Rates for Canada

Posted on: September 18, 2021

V1 VoIP e911 coverage in Canada

In April 2005, the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission; the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission) made a ruling that all VoIP providers must provide 911 service. V1 VoIP has risen up to meet the needs of its Canadian customers.

The “basic 911” service that many VoIP customers have puts them in touch with a call center that takes down their address and contacts the closest emergency response center. That’s because subscribers are identified by an IP number rather than geographic location. If calls are disconnected, the VoIP provider gives the customer’s last known address on file.

Traditional phone providers’ enhanced 911 service sends location information on customers directly to emergency services.

V1 VoIP’s e911 solution provides nationwide E911 coverage in both the US and Canada. Voice service providers simply need to establish a SIP trunk to V1’s emergency services network. Customers can update and validate their locations in real-time using V1’s provisioning interface, which can be incorporated directly into the VSP’s website.

When 911 is dialed, V1’s Emergency Routing Service delivers the call to the appropriate PSAP based on the caller’s registered location, ensuring that the correct location data and callback number appear on the dispatcher’s screen.

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