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V1 VoIP Resellers Versus Hosted Switch Rental

Posted on: September 28, 2017


V1 VoIP offers several different ways of entry and selling for those in the VoIP industry and those who want to break in. Which option is right for you will depend on a number of factors. Here we explain each way V1 VoIP can help you take advantage of selling and reselling in the VoIP marketplace.

1.  V1 VoIP’s reseller program

A reseller is someone who picks and chooses between V1 VoIP’s services and solutions and then resells them to others. Perfect for those getting their feet wet in the VoIP industry and for those who really don’t have a lot of knowledge about VoIP technology, as a V1 VoIP reseller you are essentially a sales agent. You can set your own margins for the products that you are offering so your income is never limited.

Example: Say you want to offer V1 VoIP services to only your own office complex, by becoming a V1 VoIP reseller, you can now provide your company with all of their telecommunications needs. Not only will you lower your company phone bill and be a star to your boss, but you will also be earning commission in the process. Know a lot more people? Then just sell, sell, sell!

2. V1 VoIP’s private/white label reseller program

Becoming a private label reseller is generally the next step for successful resellers or for those who have great knowledge of the VoIP industry during entry. As a private label reseller, you can now resell V1 VoIP services and solutions under your own company brand name. Your customers will see your name not ours, have a bill with your heading on it, not ours, and at the end of the day, will never know you are actually reselling V1 VoIP products and services.

3. V1 VoIP’s switch rental program

The V1 VoIP switch rental program is for resellers who want to take their business to the next level. The switch rental program is for those who want to be considered true VoIP provider. In this situation, purchasing a switch to offer the services and solutions instead of reselling them will cost at least around $250,000. And that’s before warehousing and staffing up for it.

V1 VoIP gives you the opportunity to rent our state of the art VoIP switch backed by powerful PortaOne technology on a monthly basis. For an industry low monthly commitment, V1 VoIP allows you to rent our switch to make your VoIP provider dreams a reality.

Do you want to sell VoIP services and solutions but still not sure which one of these categories you fall into? Please contact us now and we will be happy to walk you through your VoIP journey! At V1 VoIP we succeed when our resellers succeed, so let us put your on the path to success.

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