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V1 VoIP Test: Do You Need To Make the VoIP Switch?

Posted on: November 2, 2021

If you are reading the V1 VoIP blog, then you know we think your company should have made the switch to using VoIP services years ago. If you have resisted (why?!?), then you should take the V1 VoIP quiz to determine whether or not we are right, er, we mean if you should!

Using obsolete communications technology is equal to not wanting your business to succeed. If your current communication system is ‘working’ smoothly, you simply don’t realize updating to VoIP not only means advanced communications, but it means saving you money! Don’t you like to save money? t

Do you have high repair and/or maintenance costs for your current phones?
As time goes on your phone equipment will grow older, and out of date. As newer, faster, better models come in, manufacturers will stop supporting it, and fixing it becomes a great deal of money. If you are spending more and more resources to revitalize your office phones, then it will be more cost-efficient to replace them completely.

Is your company growing?
Are you adding new employees? Are you considering an additional office location? Even if this is still in the future, it is better to plan ahead and get ready for the related costs of adding phone systems. Establishing phone infrastructure from scratch in a new location is time-consuming and expensive. V1 VoIP services does not entail any additional expenses and saves time, as no additional infrastructure is needed.

Do you understand your expensive landline bill?
Do you think your current phone bill is expensive? Do you even understand what you are being billed for? Have your long distance charges gone through the roof? This is another sign you should start using VoIP. Due to its cost efficiency, you can start saving instead of paying more and more.

When was the last time you analyzed your communication needs?
Take a good look at how you use your phones. More than likely your current, old system does not suffice any more, and you may not have even noticed it. V1 VoIP services such as SIP trunking and VoIP termination and hosted PBX can be essential to support your growth, as well as to have your back on an already existing business level.

Did you flunk this quiz? Contact us now to learn how we can upgrade your business communications and save you money in the process.

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