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V1 VoIP Toll Free Carrier Services

Posted on: April 24, 2022

V1 VoIp offers toll free DIDs in carrier services

As part of V1 VoIP’s carrier services, we offer toll free VoIP DID phone numbers, with instant provisioning. V1 VoIp can also port your existing toll free phone numbers to our network.

Toll free numbers can be dialed from any phone in the United States with no cost to the caller. Business customers can benefit from the many uses of toll free numbers, including customer service and support, target marketing, and even calling card campaigns.

V1 VoIP toll free carrier services include:

• Coverage – Throughout U.S. and Canada supporting vanity searches, porting of existing numbers, obtaining new numbers, calls from pay phones
• Support – Comprehensive SLA, 24x7x365 network monitoring
• Pricing – Flat rate per min/region, monthly recurring per TN
• Toll free number Portability

V1 VoIP also offers vanity toll free numbers are also available with numbers that, when associated with a traditional telephone number pad spells out a relevant word or phrase. A great example of a vanity toll free phone number is 1-800-FLOWERS, which tremendously helps the business. These numbers are easier for customers to remember and use, which means it’s easier for them to reach your business.

Toll-free codes currently include 800, 855,866, 877, and 888. You can learn more about toll free numbers and the other carrier services offerings from V1 VoIP by contacting a representative now!

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