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Posted on: November 28, 2020

XeloQ is trying to be the most attractive supplier for it’s Internet Telephony resellers. We got the passion, the motivation, the knowledge and experience to serve our 120+ worldwide resellers since 2002 . We keep on innovating and deliver new services and products as time passes by.

We interconnect with world’s largest Telecom carriers to maintain our focus on the three most important things in the world of Internet Telephony: high quality, low prices and excellent support.

Why should you become a VoIP reseller?
Many ICT companies receive several inquiries daily if they are able to deliver VoIP based Internet Telephony to their current customer base. With XeloQ you can do that easily. You can even attract worldwide new customers. As a VoIP reseller you can offer all our stable, innovative products and services to your own customer base and make money on it. We take care of all technical support, routing issues, worldwide telephone numbers, portings, certification of PBX-es, redundancy, load balancing and backups. You just start selling and we run the background operations. As it should be.

Just take a closer look at our Business services. Exactly the same services listed there can be sold by you as a white label reseller and profits from 25- 50% are possible!

There are two other important reasons to XeloQ IQ-TelePhony:

You are the one that decides what profit you make (many providers tell you what your margin is and is often a non-negotiable 7%; at XeloQ it is a minimum of 25%)
we charge you a very low monthly lease-fee (or no fee at all if you have high volume traffic) – some of our competitors might charge you a € 500,- monthly lease-fee.
Ready to start? Great; but let us briefly pinpoint to our most important services!

VoIP Lite – make phone calls with your PC, an IP phone or a Smartphone (Mobile VoIP)
SIP Trunks – interconnect your own IP PBX or Lync server with XeloQ
On site IP PBX – delivery of complete IP based telephony exchanges
Hosted VoIP – cloud based telephony. No investments, suitable for SMB up to 50 employees
Worldwide normal (DID) telephone numbers in 90+ countries delivered to your IP PBX, Smartphone, Hosted PBX or IP Phone wherever that phone sits
Solutions for Callcenters / CallShops / Hotels