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VoIP: The Cost Effective Solution for Your Business

Posted on: November 28, 2020

Switching to a VoIP service can dramatically reduce your costs in ways you may not have guessed!

By tossing out those hard-line phones and upgrading to a VoIP service, you not only are simplifying your communication system, but you are cutting your costs almost immediately.

Image by Flickr user: Images_of_Money

Using your internet connection to make phone calls is a great solution for companies as the infrastructure needed is basically already in place, and most systems require minimal set-up to get started. What’s important to note here is that with standard land-lines, the costs associated with installation, upgrading, or expansion are much more extensive than those for VoIP.

Monthly rates are substantially lower with VoIP service providers. When calling internationally, calls made to other VoIP using individuals is free, and calls made to all other mobile and land-lines are incredibly cheap.

In addition to making phone calls, there are a lot of features you can take advantage of that are sometimes included in the package price depending on the provider including options such as predictive dialing, caller ID, call forwarding, video options, etc.

With VoIP, the service and maintenance expenses will decrease as your VoIP provider will handle all the dirty work. Since the communication system is a lot more simplified, maintenance will be much easier to handle, thus decreasing expenses. In addition, before using VoIP, many companies hired third-party providers to assist with installation and maintenance, which, if relevant to you now, you will no longer require.

If you want to simplify your communication system and lower your expenses, Commpeak definitely can assist you in reaching these goals. To learn more, visit www.commpeak.com and discover how your business can benefit from making the switch to VoIP.