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What Exactly Is Voice Over Internet Telephony?

Posted on: August 6, 2018

If you have arrived at the V1 VoIP website then wanting to know what Voice Over Internet Telephony is might be high on your list. VoIP, as it’s commonly referred to, is the act of placing a call using the internet instead of phone lines to do so.

Before the convergence of voice and data, phone calls were made on a separate network dedicated to voice, i.e. the phone lines. Data traveled on special cable designed for data and voice worked on a completely separate cable. Voice calls connected to dedicated circuits, such as analog lines and digital lines known as PRI. For data to connect, businesses typically used DSL, T1 and increasingly cable circuits.

With the surge of VoIP, voice and data can be converged onto the data network and the old voice network is eliminated. Now you can use your internet connection to make all your telephone calls, saving you money in the process.

Phone calls made using VoIP technology are less expensive for a variety of reasons. First is you can eliminate the cost of dedicated voice circuits. Gone will be the days of phone bills too complicated to understand and long distance charges different in every area of the world.

Administration is much easier with VoIP technology and you can have users remotely connected to the phone system
If the above reasons are not compelling enough, one must also consider that the telephone companies are getting out of the voice business. They too enjoy many benefits by transporting voice over data circuits. So, expect to see your monthly phone bill continue to go up if you remain on traditional voice circuits.

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