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Wholesale V1 VoIP Services for White Label Resellers

Posted on: September 28, 2017


Wholesale VoIP services with V1 VoIP are a way of entering into the lucrative telecom market without having to bear the enormous cost of infrastructure rollout. Wholesale VoIP is simply like any other type of wholesale arrangement, with a reseller, service provider or Internet entrepreneur purchasing services on a wholesale basis and then reselling them through their own brand.

Reselling Voice over IP services can be as easy or complicated as you want to make it. Almost any type of service, including international and domestic calling, direct inward dial (DID) numbers, fax service, and much more, can be acquired wholesale for subsequent resale. The simplest way to get into the business via a wholesaler is by purchasing wholesale calling card services, which can simply be resold under your own brand, either online or physically.

The telecom market is highly dynamic and represents a lucrative opportunity, and every day, new entrepreneurs move into this market. Wholesale services can be obtained through several sources with only a small investment, either directly from the provider (Reseller) or through a marketplaces.

The greatest advantage is that by going into this business on this basis, it is not necessary to shoulder the burden of up-front capital expenditures, which for the carriers, can be very costly. Buying the services wholesale and reselling them retail allows you to bypass all that, and get into business with a very low up-front investment. Traditional telecom businesses must endure high levels of capital expenditures to build out physical points of presence, but the wholesale option bypasses this requirement, allowing the retailer to instead focus on marketing and building the business.

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