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Why V1 VoIP DIDs are Better Than the Rest

Posted on: July 17, 2019

A DID is a phone number, it’s that simple. DID stands for Direct Inbound Dialing, and it’s the inbound phone number a person uses to dial. If your phone number is 555-5555, than those seven digits are the DID.

What makes a V1 VoIP DID different?
A DID in common terms is the phone number you dial when you make a phone call. Ask one carrier what makes their phone numbers special and they will say nothing. A phone number is a phone number no matter what you do. So why is it that V1 VoIP says that our DIDs are better than the rest?

It’s very simple. It’s the price!

We haven’t met a competitor yet that can beat our price and none that will match it because our pricing is so good. Our North American (United States and Canada) are priced at a mere $0.15. Now you can get the phone numbers you need anywhere on the continent at bargain basement prices. Yes, it’s still just a phone number, but you will be getting it for much less than any other carrier can offer it at.

So if another carrier tells you that their DIDs are special or different from any other’s, ask them how much their DIDs cost. If it’s more than $0.15, contact V1 VoIP to get one of our DIDs today! Our incredibly low pricing only start with the phone numbers!

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