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Work Remotely with V1 VoIP Virtual PBX in Covid Times

Posted on: February 12, 2021

Covid-19 changed so much of the way companies did business on a daily basis. In these times the way to succeed was to pivot and adapt to the new circumstances we are all in. If your business ever needed a reason to switch to virtual or cloud PBX services, Covid provided it for you.

No business needs downtime in these time, which is why a V1 VoIP virtual PBX can be set up in a matter of days, compared to 30-60 days for a premise PBX.

Where V1 VoIP virtual PBX excels is with creating a mobile workforce. Employees or short term contract workers can be set-up to work remotely in a very short time. This is valuable for contractors, and employees who have a need to work from home or other location away from the office.

No matter how many employees need to work at home or remotely, all your users can make and receive phone calls through the company’s phone system. Employees can be reached anywhere and anytime using only one telephone number. Users can also be added or removed quickly and easily depending on your business needs.

Using a V1 VoIP virtual PBX makes it easy for your mobile workforce to be productive. Virtually all cloud PBX providers work on the SIP standard. In fact V1 virtual PBXs support softphones that turn a computer, laptop or tablet into a business telephone. That means employees are not limited to specific SIP phone brands or devices.

With V1 VoIP virtual PBX, everyone in the company is on the same system. With no need for PBX hardware at each location, the cost drops dramatically.

These times are moving the way we do business forward into the future much faster than anyone anticipated. Don’t be left behind. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP virtual PBX team today.

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