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Your Business Needs V1 VoIP Cloud Hosted PBX

Posted on: September 28, 2017

your business needs V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX system

V1 VoIP offers cloud-based hosted PBX services that every business will want. V1 VoIP’s hosted cloud-based PBX combines lowering infrastructure costs while increasing unified communication features for businesses.

With V1 VoIP’s hosted cloud-based PBX, there is no need to install and maintain a local telephone PBX system, fixed lines or hardware. With SIP-enabled IP phones connecting to V1 VoIP’s full service cloud telephony platform companies can take advantage of extensive features making V1 VoIP’s cloud PBX platform the center of your company’s VoIP Unified Communications strategy.

Some of the V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX features include:

1. Hosted PBX Auto Attendant: answers all incoming calls and directs them to the appropriate person or department eliminating the need for a full time receptionist (available in 14 languages).

2. Hosted PBX Advanced Call Transfers: users can transfer calls to anyone internally or externally anywhere in the world.

3. Hosted PBX V1 VoIP Mobility: any mobile or home user within your business, located anywhere in the world and using any mobile device, can be connected to the V1 VoIP cloud PBX platform.

4. Hosted PBX Hunt Groups: calls can hunt across a number of extensions including mobile devices until answered or routed to voicemail.

5. Hosted PBX Call Recording: calls can be used in training programs and/or prove adherence to government and industry regulations. Integrates with CRM. All call recordings are encrypted.

6. Hosted PBX Advanced Call Forwarding: forward calls based on if/then criteria. For example “forward calls when busy to” or “forward on no answer to”.

7. Hosted PBX Click to Dial: return voicemail, call numbers on a web pages, contacts in Outlook, and CRM for your call centers. From any screen on your computer, just click the number.

8. Hosted PBX Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA): call your to make calls, check voicemail, call you back to make outbound calls, or to reroute back to the auto attendant. Key feature to reduce roaming and long distance charges.

9. Hosted PBX Service Flags: automate the switch from “day” to “night” mode and set V1 VoIP to answer or redirect calls anywhere based on the time of day it is anywhere in the world.

10. Hosted PBX Call Redirection: calls can also be redirected based on where the call originates from such as hunt or agent groups. Also specify where and when you would like call routed to another device aside from your office.

11. Hosted PBX Call Encryption: voice traffic is completely encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) to ensure the highest level of security for our customers. Any call recordings made on the Cloud PBX platform are also encrypted.

12. Hosted PBX Custom Greeting: set a custom greeting for your customers to hear when they call your company. Also includes advanced settings such as waiting times for technical support or marketing messages for sales cues.

13. Hosted PBX Hot Desking: allow employees to work on multiple floors, in multiple buildings and multiple countries, as if they were at a single desk. Sign in anywhere using your extension number and PIN and all your personal settings and soft keys are downloaded into the phone you are using and all calls to your direct dial number or office extension are automatically routed to your current telephone.

14. Hosted PBX Follow Me: route calls to multiple devices/destinations in succession, after number of seconds, simultaneously or based on the time of day. So a call may be first routed to an office phone, and if it isn’t answered, re-routed to a mobile phone. If the recipient doesn’t answer either number, than the call is routed to voicemail.

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